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Professional Military Knowledge (PMK) Training and Practice Exams / Quizzes

Administering 4822 Navy-wide Advancement Exam Bibliography Practice Questions.

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PMK Training Features and Benefits
PMK Training is a personalized Skill-Building Training Solution for Navy-Wide Advancement Exam (NWE) Study

We offer practice BMR and PMK exams and quizzes for building and increasing your Final Multiple Score (FMS). Other highlights include:

  • A PMK Assessment Exam
  • Practice PMK, BMR Quiz / Exam
  • Program-Generated Quizzes / Exams and Training Plan
  • User-Defined Training Plan
  • Every question is supported by a "bibliography" reference
  • Enter your own Questions and Answers
  • Take a PMK Mock NWE Exam against your peers   (A powerful tool in measuring your PMK)

PMK Mock Exam Stats
Exam results based on 15 Administered Exams since February 2009
PMK Mock Exam
High Score74
Low Score46
Average Score55
Your Score XX

The PMK Mock Advancement Exam is designed to give you a "ball park" feel for how you measure against your peers. To mimic the actual Navy-wide Advancement Exam, all participants take the same exact exam.

Note: Remember this is only a training tool to help you identify your strong and weak PMK areas and should not be construed as an accurate prediction of how you will perform on the Navy-wide.

Mock Exam Schedule

Current Exam Expires: Sunday, March 15, 2009
Next Exam: 1 August 2009 (PO3 - PO1)

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PMK Question of the Day
1.Military Requirements for PO3 & PO2
 During a class discussion, what questioning technique should be used?
1Yes or no
2Thought provoking
3Closed ended

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